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  • My space of Dainy and the Airports
    nobu (08/20)
  • My space of Dainy and the Airports
    daiske (07/28)
  • My space of Dainy and the Airports
    nobu (07/20)
  • My space of Dainy and the Airports
    nobu (07/15)
  • Gig Info - Sat 7th Apr (四月七号星期六) at The Bookworm, Shi quan jie
    daiske (04/23)
  • Gig Info - Sat 7th Apr (四月七号星期六) at The Bookworm, Shi quan jie
    Nicky (04/18)







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Review - Nice Music Summer

We had some gigs this summer. June is the season of graduation in China. One of the unversity in Suzhou had a graduation ceremony. We played a couple of songs there. They seemed to enjoy Chinese song "再見". Good luck, you guys!

This July, We played some songs at Kindergarten in Suzhou! They had an Japanese style "夏祭り", a summer event. It was our first time to play in front of lots of children. Did the pure eyes get our rock soul?

Plus, We had some gigs at any other places. We took summer holidays and we are back in Suzhou. We will start it again. See you soon!

WANTED! - BASS Player! 我们需要贝斯手! : Contact us! → dainymusic@yahoo.co.jp

Dainy and the Airports needs a BASS PLAYER!!! 我们需要贝斯手!!

Want to enjoy the music? Want to play the bass? Want to ROCK?

YOU can join Dainy, and make something new together!! Guitar and Keyboard players are also welcome!!

Any nationality welcome! 国籍不問
Any gender welcome! 性別不問
Any age welcome! 年齢不問
Any music career welcome! 音楽経歴不問

Just contact us!!

We are in holidays in summer. We hope to play a gig in August!

Dainy and the airports はベース・プレイヤーを募集しています(ギター、キーボードも同時募集!)。

音楽演りたいな…、(久しぶり)バンド組みたいな…、Dainy おもしろそうかも…、蘇州での新しいライフ・スタイルを…。ギターやってたけどベースもいいかも…(←ギターもOKです)。

…とちょっとでも思っている貴方! Dainy にご連絡を!

Dainy はこれから一時帰国などで休暇に入ります。8月のライブを目標に、一緒に音楽しよう!

Review - SUZHOUBURY 2014 at the Bookworm

SUZHOUBURY, a Great Music Festival in Suzhou!!

You definitely had a great time there. 11 bands which are popular and well known played hot gigs. We dainy played at 4PM (We were so excited that we started a little bit earlier, hehe...). I think I showed a different style from last year's.

Dainy's list

Video Killed The Radio Star
Lady Madonna
Can’t Buy Me Love
Rocky Raccoon
Saturday In The Park
Don’t Know Why
Waiting On The World To Change
Suddenly I See
Izakaya Rhapsody 居酒屋ラプソディー
Don’t Look Back In Anger
Highway To Hell
Summer Of ‘69

Thank you for the great festival, Jackson and the Bookworm! Hope to play next year!

年に一度の蘇州のお祭り! SUZHOUBURY!!

4年連続今年も参加の Dainy。上記リストを見ての通り、今年は例年とは違ったスタイルを見せられたんじゃないかと思います。お客さんもガンガン上がってくれました。屋根の上に飛び降りて踊っちゃう輩も…。ライブ後、いろんなお客さんに声かけてもらったけど、中でも「曲の展開・構成がよかった!」の声に、こっちも上がりました。けっこう考えた構成だったので。

そして、今回は Bass, Tucky の最後のライブでした。去年、 Dainy をどうするか…と瀬戸際にいた時に、運命的に現れた、地元の隣町「川○」出身のベーシスト。従姉さんはおれの高校時代のクラスメート。蘇州で出会うなんて…、そりゃ Dainy 入るでしょ。Tucky は新しい Dainy のかたちを作ってくれました。彼のおかげで、いろんな人から「Dainy 新しくなったね!」と言ってもらえました。すばらしい時間をありがとう!

やり残した "There She Goes"、 いつかきっとやりましょー!

Special Gig Info - TOMORROW! SUZHOUBURY 2014 at the Bookworm

Suzhoubury 2014, TOMORROW!!!!

Dainy and the Airports will shock you all 4PM long, yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Date - 31st May Saturday
Time - 12PM till 12AM. Dainy's set at 4PM
Place - The Bookworm
Map - http://map.baidu.com/detail?qt=ninf&from=ini&uid=881a28e7aff2f85ef842b2f5&detail=cater&recommend_tag=recomm_6.uha2c

Come and enjoy!!!

2014 Special Gig Info - Suzhoubury 2014 - Sat 31st May at the Bookworm 五月三十一号星期六 在「老書虫」

SUZHOUBURY 2014, next Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzhoubury which you have been waiting for a long time will be held on 31st of May. It will be the 4th this year. Dainy have performed since the 1st one. Of course, we will play this year as well!! You can see 11 bands which are making Suzhou music scene there.

Dainy will play at 4PM!!

12:10-12:50 Brooke Palmer & Friends
1:10-1:50 Men-O'-Pause
2:10-2:50 P.S. I Love You
3:10-3:40 Owl&Boys
4:00-4:40 Dainy and the Airports
5:00-5:30 ET
5:50-6:30 Super Wave
6:50-7:40 Matt Thackray Band (+Jazz?)
8:00-8:40 TBAS
9:00-9:45 Surging Waves
10:05-10:50 Pyroglyphix

It will be a great summer!! Don't miss it!!

今年もやってきた! SUZHOUBURY!!

蘇州の初夏の風物詩となりつつある、年に一度のサマー・フェスティバル。第1回から参加の Dainy、今年も呼んでもらいました!! どんどん大きくなっていくこのフェスは今年で4回目。上記の出演バンドを見ての通り、蘇州のミュージック・シーンを作ってきた名だたるバンドが勢ぞろいです!!

Dainy は午後4時からスタート!! SUZHOUBURY で、夏、始めよう!!

Gig Info - SAT 24th MAY (五月二十四号星期六) - at ELEVEN BAR, Xin-qu Shangyejie

Date - Saturday 17th May 5月17号星期六
Start - The event itself starts at 8PM. Dainy's set 10:00PM 晩上10点
Entrance Fee - 50RMB including one drink
Place - "ELEVEN BAR" at Xin-qu Shangyejie 新区商業街 本色会所1F
Map - http://map.baidu.com/?newmap=1&s=s%26wd%3D%25E6%259C%25AC%25E8%2589%25B2%25E5%25A8%25B1%25E4%25B9%2590%26c%3D224%26b%3D(13420255.15%2C3647276.01%3B13423255.15%2C3650276.01)

Suzhou Music Family (SMF)'s music event at Xin-qu Shangyejie!!

Dainy will take part in SMF for the first time! 7 bands are in it. You can see Japanese music scene in Suzhou.

蘇州ミュージック・ファミリーの対バン・ライブです! Dainy が SMF に初参戦! 蘇州の日本人バンドがたくさん見られますよ〜。音楽に関心のある方、必見です! バンドを組めるチャンスかも!

Gig Info - SAT 17th MAY (五月十七号星期六) - at Tunnel Bar, Yuan-qu Ligongdi (隧道酒吧、園区李公堤)

Gig at Tunnel Bar!!

Date - Saturday 17th May 5月17号星期六
Start - 9:00pm 晩上9点
Place - Tunnel Bar, Yuan-qu Ligongdi(園区李公堤)
Map - http://map.baidu.com/?newmap=1&ie=utf-8&s=s%26wd%3Dtunnel%20bar%20%E8%8B%8F%E5%B7%9E

Dainy has 3 gigs every Saturday from this week in May. First, Tunnel Bar!!

It won't be long for summer! Dainy will bring it to YOU!

今週から三週連続のライブ。まずはトンネル・バー!! そして31日、5月最後の土曜日は…。          

Review - at OKIRAKU 沖楽 on 26th APR

満員御礼! Gig at Okiraku!

Okiraku held a home coming party for a Japanese woman. Dainy took part in it. Many people has memories and stories at Okiraku. Thanks to Jun (the boss), We Dainy got together and begun our stories.


Review - at Tunnel Bar and Jennis Bar on 19th APR

Absolutely Great Night!! One of the best gig ever!!

We had 2 gigs at Tunnel Bar and at Jennis Bar on 19th. At Tunnel Bar, we played many new flavor songs which we didn't played last year. I think we showed you Dainy's new style. We don't need to be afraid to change ourselves. Dainy have tried to change. That's why we had a great gig at Jennis Bar! We and people there all got so high! We were too excited to shoot the gig and take pictures, oh...! But it's unforgettable one. I was too hot to sleep! Haha!



トンネルの後、そのノリでお隣のジェニスに「はしごライブ」。フィリピン人バンドにお願いして、彼らの休憩中の15分やらせてもらいました。準備中、前に陣取ってた白人さんたちが、初顔のおれらがやることに不満だったようで、フィリピン人ミュージシャンに何回も抗議してました。そこで "Only 3 songs" と直接伝えたら、不機嫌顔で席に戻っていきました。

んで、アウェー感バリバリでライブ開始!! ひっくり返したるわーーーーーーーーー!! Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

一発目の "Radio Star" でツカミはOKで、次の "Summer Of '69" で大盛り上がりで客が踊りだす! その中には、あれ?さっきめっちゃ抗議してた白人さんも(この人、一番ノリノリやった)! そして最後に "Highway To Hell" で最高潮に! 久しぶりに「飛んだ」!

アンコールに "I Feel Fine"、さらに二回目のアンコールに "You Shook Me" で踊らせたった!

ライブ後、みんなとハイ・タッチ! 最高の夜やった! 

Gig Info - TOMORROW! SAT 19th APR (四月十九号星期六) - at Tunnel Bar, Yuan-qu Ligongdi (隧道酒吧、園区李公堤)

Gig at Tunnel Bar!!

Date - Saturday 19th April 4月19号星期六
Start - 9:00pm 晩上9点
Place - Tunnel Bar, Yuan-qu Ligongdi(園区李公堤)
Map - http://map.baidu.com/?newmap=1&ie=utf-8&s=s%26wd%3Dtunnel%20bar%20%E8%8B%8F%E5%B7%9E

It's been more than half a year since we played last at tunnel Bar. Ben gave us an opportunity to play! We are excited and getting ready for it. See you then, you guys!

お久しぶりのトンネル! トンネル・ボスのナイス・ガイ、 Ben が素敵な週末をアレンジ。Dainy も盛り上げていきます!

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